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$14 ($50 value) USB 3D Optical Laptop Finger Mouse

Control your laptop's cursor with a wave of your finger with this USB 3D optical laptop finger mouse! Point and click takes on a whole new meaning with this nifty little piece of technology - a mouse that comfortably fits onto your finger so you can freely move your cursor about the screen without the use of a mouse pad. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable for long time use, and the wireless technology guarantees a reliable connection.

No installation is required - just plug in the USB interface, and you're ready to go! Slide your finger along any surface and watch in amazement as your cursor responds to the movement. This is your answer to cutting down on hand and wrist strain! You won't have to sacrifice all the functions of your regular mouse, either. You still get the 3D Internet wheel function of Windows OS series, and you can also perform the auto-roll and zooming functions! Digital encoder technology offers precise operation and prevents faulty movement, making it a great choice for professional designers and gamers. Revolutionize your laptop experience today with the finger mouse!

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72% off Laptop Finger Mouse - Shipping Included USB 3D Optical Laptop Finger Mouse Now $14 ($50 value)

$14 - USB 3D Optical Laptop Finger Mouse ($50 value)


1111 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
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1111 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(416) 970-6651
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